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Monday, January 21, 2013

Could I Make An Actual Sweater Out Of My Collection of Dominion Patches?

Sick patches and Dominion go hand-in-hand. This newest addition is no exception and was had a couple of months back for around $7-8. Bobby Ryan is my second favorite hockey player and second collecting interest when it comes to hockey.

Numbered 03/25, this AMAZING patch seems out of place for a 25-card print-run. With regards to the inaugural release of Dominion, the "PATCH" designation on the left side is only found on the /10 variation for Ryan Getzlaf so perhaps this was an error by Panini. Or maybe it's not. I don't really care considering this beaut is mine and was had for a song. Four great colors, the patch appears to be part of the big "D" on the Ducks' third (alternate) sweater, and it's a guy I love to watch play. That's plenty good enough for me.