Monday, January 14, 2013

Reviewing My 2012 Collecting Goals: How Did I Do Last Year?

It's time to take a look back at my 2012 Collecting Goals and see how I did.

Goal 1: Focus primarily on my Kemp, Kershaw, Martin, Getzlaf, Rosen, and Campanella collections. I'm particularly interested in picking up rarer cards of Matt, Clayton, and Russ, as well as filling in simple base needs through trades. I'd also love to further bulk up my Getzlaf PC and add a printing plate if at all possible, as well as focus on cardboard from his rookie year. And, of course, continue adding sweet Getz cards from Dominion. I do love me some Dominion. I've really been hitting the Getz PC hard thus far, so I'm extremely and entirely pleased with the direction # 1 is heading.

  • How I Did: I added multiple Getzlaf plates and Dominion cards while really expanding my collection of the Anaheim Captain. I continued to add when I could to my Kemp, Kershaw, and Martin PCs. I only added two Campy cards (one of which has yet to be shown) but they were big additions. Likewise with my Rosen PC, I only picked up one of Al's cards, but it was a HUGE get in Flip's 1954 Dan-Dee Potato Chips card. SUCCESS

Goal 2: Condense my collection. The Trade Bait Card Draft helped that immensely. # 2 is already underway, as that inevitability came up on me quickly.

  • How I Did: Draft # 2 was a success and I briefly gauged interest in a third draft which I was planning on holding at the end of '12. It will be held sometime within the next month or two. SUCCESS

Goal 3: Complete my Clayton Kershaw Pentafecta. Fairly self-explanatory. A patch is needed to check this goal off of the list!
  • How I Did: I completed this goal with the below fantastic patch. SUCCESS

Goal 4: Curtail frivolous and knee-jerk eBay spending. This includes and perhaps focuses most importantly on cards I come across that are sweet and affordable but don't fit into my collecting needs and wants in any real way beyond being "cool cards" or cards I can easily trade. This may be the toughest goal to accomplish, and I'd definitely take a B grade on this one if I can earn one. It hasn't exactly been a strong-suit of mine thus far in 2012.
  • How I Did: This one was going to be the hardest, and while I was able to at times, I struggle to pass up a good deal. NEITHER PASS NOR FAIL

Goal 5: Pick up another sponsor or two. Because really, if I could pick up what amounts to free money, why wouldn't I? I've picked up one already in So far, so good.

  • How I Did: I failed to add a single sponsor beyond, so this a big failure. The blog is always available for sponsors though....hint hint. FAILURE

Goal 6: Continue selling on eBay to fund the majority of my eBay purchases in 2012. I need to get on this soon. Like the day before yesterday soon.

  • How I Did: This did not happen as planned. A major failure. FAILURE

Goal 7: Make progress on my Kemp and Kershaw's Golden Pursuit Project. Ideally, I'd be able to end the year with at least 10 of the 99 cards I need, which would equate to just over 10% of the project being in the books. At the moment, I've got four of these beautiful bad boys. It's been a while since one popped on eBay. This one is somewhat out of my hands, because I can't acquire any if none are available to be had.

  • How I Did: This was a truly optimistic goal in terms of the sheer number I wanted to hit. I only have five in-hand but I really shot too high for a card that has such a low print-run. Progress was made so it's not a complete crapping of the bed. NEITHER PASS NOR FAIL

Goal 8: Hit up more in-person appearances of Dodgers and other athletes. I'm going to FanFest, so that's a major step in the right direction. I did manage to make it to a Clayton Kershaw book signing already, so that's a huge step towards meeting this goal.

  • How I Did: I did make it to FanFest and had a great time and I also hit up a really cool event in November which I still need to write about. I didn't make it to enough events to satisfy my hopes but I made it to enough (including some at-the-stadium game-day autos and meet-and-greets with players) to call this a success. SUCCESS

Goal 9: Continue to feature Erin Hawksworth. Of course.

  • How I Did: I didn't showcase the sports beauty enough, though any Erin Hawksworth is better than no Erin Hawksworth, obviously. NEITHER PASS NOR FAIL

Goal 10: Acquire an Evan Longoria on-card Auto. A tough task, to be certain. I have my eyes on one presently.

  • How I Did: While I did add a Longo auto, I still need an on-card John Hancock of the Rays' stud. NEITHER PASS NOR FAIL

Goal 11: Obtain a copy of Matt Kemp's 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Auto. Any version, graded or not graded. A card I absolutely must own at some point, so why not in 2012?

  • How I Did: I am still without this necessary Bison collection cornerstone. FAILURE


  1. You featured plenty of Kate Upton, so I am saying you are leaning "PASS" on that one.

  2. Yep, not enough Erin, and definitely not enough Alison Brie!

  3. goals 4 and 6 are my goals 1 and 2 this year. i need to start leaving those cool, cheap but non-priority cards for someone else.

  4. At least you came back and reviewed your goals. I typically forget by March that I even have goals to achieve.

  5. Jeff/GCA- That can be amended and arranged....

    gcrl- Sometimes I grab 'em specifically for other bloggers haha.

    G- I didn't even post 2012's Goals until April haha.