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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Pair of Strapping Lads.

A rare and fantastically awesome Dominion addition to my Ryan Getzlaf Collection is the subject of today's cardboard post. Fight straps are severely lacking in my PC as I only had one before my latest acquisition. This bad boy has mad character along the left side of the sweater strap as well as at least one seam - all of which is on the Getzlaf side - which is a sweeeeeet added bonus.

Numbered 4/7, it ran me just a shade over a blaster and was not a card I thought I'd actually win. The price was so low I just couldn't pass up at least placing a bid. Lo and behold, the bid held and another Dominion beauty is mine.

As the back of the card notes, Getz and Mike Fisher dropped the gloves just once, with their scrap coming in Game 3 of the Ducks'/Preds' 1st-round series in 2011.


  1. Always nice to see a card of Mr. Carrie Underwood

  2. haha, I considered mentioning that but held off.