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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kemp, Martin, Billingsley, Kuroda, and Two Dudes I Never Want To See Again: It's OK, When It's A Six-Way.

I have a soft spot in my collecting heart for cards which pair my favorite players together. If the price is right I have a hard time passing up cards that kill two or more birds with one cardboard stone.

Today's post features one such piece of cardboard I recently came to own. For under a dollar a swatch I landed a sweet Teammate Timelines Six Swatch Memorabilia hit from 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection. Numbered 099/200, it's a most welcome addition to my Bison PC.

Three of my all-time favorite Blue Crew members in Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, and Chad Billingsley are joined by another really good and likable player in Hiroki Kuroda and two bums in Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones. Jones, while Hall of Fame-worthy in Atlanta, was never in-shape in L.A. and took playing time away from literally anyone else with a pulse. Pierre was never a guy I wanted to see play and though he seemed nice enough he was constantly demanding a trade once he got moved to his rightful spot on the pine.


  1. I love how in each case the worst player is in the middle on both sides.

  2. Great additions
    Also I am not holding my breath on a Piazza signing BUT if does happen I'll be there. Already have a pre authenticated ball but want an IP

  3. Now hold up player, whatchu diggity-doing here?

  4. Have you feelings about Juan - at least the guy knows how to dress like a ballplayer.

  5. Dennis- Haha, didn't even realize that! At least they're not on the same side. That would be earth-shatteringly bad.

    Matthew- Thanks! A bit of optimism haha.

    Adam- I should diggity ask you the same! Haha, I can ALWAYS count on you.

    Jeff- A dapper guy, I suppose.

    Arno- Gracias!