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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Silver On-Card Autos Are The Best Autos.

The moment I saw the below card I knew that it somehow had to be mine. My only requirements as I searched were as much a reasonable price as could be had and minimal chipping around the edges and at the corners.

I was thankfully able to fulfill both of those guidelines and I'm thrilled with the newest addition to my Clayton Kershaw PC. I nabbed the above beauty - numbered 18/99 - for a most appropriate $22 shipped with free shipping. There is the required minimal chipping that so often plagues Five Star cardboard, and let's be honest, Silver Autographs are just tough to top. The seller included a Triple Threads Matt Kemp base card which I already have but was much appreciated nevertheless.


  1. Not too many silver signatures out there. That has to be one of the crown jewels of your Kershaw collection.

  2. Great card, i am jealous now :-) nice one !!

  3. I agree:


    Tier One and Five Star are pretty similar products, but the above JP is one of my favourite (non-USA) autos of him. Great Kersh, by the way.

  4. haha, and I just noticed you commented on that post.

    What goes around.

  5. WOW!!! That's a steal for that price. I got to agree with you that silver ink is just too good to pass up. My Cutch Museum Collection auto is my favorite signature in my collection. I'm shocked that Kershaw's auto doesn't go for more on the market. Great pickup and great looking card.

  6. Spiegel- They seem to just be in high-end products I would never be able to bust haha. And indeed it is!

    Dutch- Thanks! I've been looking at your Kersh PC, it's pretty sweet!

    Roy- Haha, I remember that post of yours. You got a massive steal!

    Matthew- Thanks!

    Stryker- I was shocked it didn't go for more, especially with the print-run! And gracias!