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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Enjoy A Nice Multi-Player Relic Every Now and Then.

Just a quick post today on my latest Ryan Getzlaf acquisition. I may have overpaid a bit, and I didn't expect to win the card, but I'm happy to have it and not need to worry about tracking it down going forward.

It's a sweet Quad Fabrics Team Canada hit from '12-'13 UD SP Game Used. It lumps Getz together with Joe Thornton, Jarome Iginla, and Dany Heatley. The three red swatches are an excellent touch.


  1. What is on Thorton and Heatley's foreheads?

  2. I was watching that auction, didn't bid but i was going to bid for the sole purpose to trade it to you, glad i didnt drive up the price!

  3. Spiegel- An advertisement for Zepter.

    Arno- Thanks!

    Brad- Haha, thanks for thinking of me buddy!