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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Just Can't Fight It.

And yes, I'm so excited. I recently acquired my thirteen Ryan Getzlaf Dominion patch out of 25. That number isn't quite as impressive as it sounds at first blush considering there are 25 of each of the variations: Nameplate, Jersey #, and Prime.

Shoot, there could even be a "Patch" patch version /25 - there is one /10 - for all I know, and I generally consider myself quite knowledgeable about '10-'11 Panini Dominion. I have a price range with these bad boys I try and stick to and this fell right in that range, clocking in at just a skosh over half a blaster.


  1. Man you gotta love low numbered patch cards for about a ten spot, another nice pick up congrats.

  2. I love patch cards with a bulging seam. They just seem more real. Nice job.

  3. Thanks dfg! Yeah, any type of seam or stitching always piques my interest in a patch.