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Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm A Dumbass, Maybe?

Some people might find that statement to be a given. Story time boys and girls. I was very recently handed an envelope by my mom which was prefaced by the statement "I found this and I think it would be better off with you." Or something to that effect. I open the envelope to find a number of COAs that go hand-in-hand with my memorabilia collection. I had only halfheartedly looked for them months back and then quickly given up, knowing I'd never be selling any of these pieces from my collection. One of the certificates stood out, as I couldn't place it with an item seeing as I believed I didn't own the item it pertained to.

Well, apparently I do own that item and it has been sitting on my shelf unprotected for about a decade. Oh, and it just so happens to be an autograph from my childhood hero and favorite player, a guy who will remain in my top five for as long as I live. Yes, I own a Mike Piazza autographed mini-helmet signed in sharp silver on the bill. A helmet which has collected dust for years and been exposed to the elements of my room as I always believed it to be a facsimile signature.

It seems to be legit considering the COA, except for the fact that it looks nothing like the Piazza autos I do have (linked above) and the negative press the authentication service and authenticator himself have received on message boards. Seriously, comments are scathing towards Drew V. Max. No idea what to believe....what the heck, it's real; it's not like I'm going to sell it. So, to wrap it up - minus the nifty machine - I might have my sixth Piazza autograph and the knowledge that I should probably make sure nothing else is hiding in my collection and praise the baseball gods that this potential new John Hancock withstood the test of unprotected time.


  1. All the little dust mites were protecting it for you.

  2. It's a Mike Piazza signature, but maybe not Mike Piazza's signature. Still looks cool though.

  3. Holy guacamole... that a nice surprise. That helmet looks pretty awesome.

  4. what a great surprise!
    of course it's real, bro.
    my captcha for this comment was Piazza's number...
    of course that sig's real.


    Mark- Exactly haha. And thanks!

    Fuji- Gracias!

    Oscar- It's a sign! And thanks!