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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Luis Cruz, You Putz.

I'm not a fan of Luis Cruz the baseball player and now I find myself disliking him as a person after his actions in starting and then REALLY starting a brawl during a Canada/Mexico World Baseball Classic game yesterday.

The worst part is that this is somehow, inevitably, undeniably, going to lead to Juan Uribe getting playing time in 2013.

Cruz acted quite cowardly during the entire incident. Oh, and "unwritten baseball rules/etiquette" is idiotic to begin with. You don't like someone laying down a bunt (not even taking into account that run differential is vital in the WBC)?

Pitch better.


  1. Won't someone PLEASE think of the chilren!

    Total bullshit. Robinson bunts like 3-4x per game, the guy can't hit it out of the infield.

    Saddened that great guys like Gallardo, Romo have to be associated with punks like Cruz, Karim Garcia, etc.

  2. The WBC is filled with crap. It's broken and leads to shit like this. Go away.

  3. As a New England Patriots fan, I hear this kind of crap all the time. You don't want to lose by 30 points? Fine, stop us from scoring.

  4. So bunting with a big lead means you're rubbing it in. But what if you hit a homer with a big lead? The whole thing was dumb.

    The biggest key though, as you point out, is the run differential tie-breaker.

  5. That Anonymous comment was mine. Silly blogger.