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Friday, March 8, 2013

Putting A Stamp On My Al Rosen PC.

My Al Rosen Collection is just about complete save for a couple of oddball items and his 1961 Topps card. One of those oddball cards was recently spotted and after a best offer was submitted it arrived at my doorstep.

This 1955 Golden Stamps item was so odd to me I didn't even know it existed until I spotted it while perusing eBay and Rosen listings. The price was pretty good and most importantly I'm just happy to add a new card of The Hebrew Hammer to my PC and move one step closer to owning all of his non-hit releases. The photo of Al is great, the Spring Training-like atmosphere is fantastic, and the bright blue background emphasizes how well the stamp has held its color.

The stamp back is blank and this beauty is flawless in my eyes as I could care less that it's off-centered. Beyond the aforementioned '61 and his '55 Topps Doubleheader card everything I need is a true oddball with most being food issues.


  1. Very cool. I've never seen or even heard of this oddball issue. I'll have to see who's in the set. Congratulations on your purchase.

  2. Thanks Fuji!

    There are quite a few Dodgers in the set I've had my eye on for a while haha.