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Friday, April 5, 2013

A Daily Dimwit Randomization.

Sam of The Daily Dimwit fame asked me to run a randomization for him, as he's part of the group that could win. And....here....we....go.

Matt Perry - Boston
The Dimwit - Astros
The Dimwit - Reds
The Dimwit - Marlins
Jeff Wilk - White Sox
Steve - Pirates
Roy - Tigers
Roy - Rays
Adam - Giants
Jeroen - Yankees
Jeroen - Dodgers
Michael - Nationals
Michael - Phillies
Matt Pederson - Cubs
Doug - Blue Jays
Doug - Rockies
Bobby - Rangers
Bobby - Mariners
Bobby - Braves
Chris - A's
Chris - Royals
Chris - Orioles
James - Cardinals
David - Indians
Carlos - Brewers
Carlos - Mets
Jeffrey Wiltse - Twins
Dan - Angels
Farrell - Diamondbacks
Zac - Padres
Matt Perry - Redsox Hitless
The Dimwit - Astros Hitless
Jeff Wilk - White Sox Hitless
Adam - Giants Hitless
Jeroen - Yankees Hitless
Jeroen - Dodgers Hitless
Bobby - Braves Hitless
Bobby - Mariners Hitless
Chris - Royals Hitless
David - Indians Hitless
Jeffrey Wiltse - Twins Hitless

The eligible participants.

Random 1.

Random 2.

Random 3. Congrats to Chris!

Alison Brie sneak attack!


  1. Actually there are three complete sets to give away so it is Chris, Matt and Jeff Wilk who win!!!! Congrats guys!

  2. Dang, no set and hitless :-( At least I am getting some nice minis and SPs

  3. dang, i wasn't even part of the contest action.

    but i'm glad i scrolled anyways cuz i caught that GREAT sneak attack.

  4. What the hell was this post about?

    Brie, Brie, Brie, Brie.....

  5. No hits, no wins for the Dodgers nor Yankees, at least Alison compensated a bit for it ! She is dropping by to give the losers a hug right ??

  6. Sam- All of these things I don't know about because I don't enter breaks. Congrats to Matt and Jeff as well!

    Oscar, Jeff, Dutch- I know what my readership wants haha.