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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jackie, Campy, Newk: These Are Some Of My Favorite Brooklyn People.

I attended Monday's Dodgers/Padres game which celebrated the life of Jackie Robinson. The Dodgers went all-out on Jackie Robinson Day, bringing in his widow, daughter, Harrison Ford, Kareem, Don Newcombe, and others to celebrate Number 42. They also gave out one of the most amazing and beautiful items ever.

Boom. Jackie, Roy Campanella, and Don Newcombe in statue form. I decided to take a picture with cards of each guy. I couldn't pick between Campy's '50 and '51 Bowman offerings, so I went with both. The 1956 Topps Jackie is the only non-modern card I have of him but would have been an easy choice regardless. I have nothing of Newk so a modern-day reprint was the answer.

Here's a better shot of the fantastic statue.


  1. I've got a 1951 Bowman Newcombe if you're interested. I recently purchased a 1950 Bowman Newcombe for a decent price so my '51 is now expendable. Let me know how I can get in touch with you if interested.

  2. Wow. That statue is awesome! Not quite as awesome as the 56T Robinson (my favorite card of all-time)... but pretty flippin' awesome. Damn... I'm addicted to the word awesome.

  3. Aus- Yeah, shoot me an e-mail.


    Fuji- Thanks! And agreed haha. Awesome all around!