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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Getzlaf 1 of 1: Dave and Adam's Edition.

Quirky 1 of 1s don't particularly do it for me, but if one can be had for a great price, I'm not opposed to adding it to my collection. Case in point, the newest addition to my Ryan Getzlaf PC.

Clocking in at $3.24 delivered with free shipping, this 1 of 1 is a Dave and Adam's exclusive. Yes, that Dave and Adam's. The card hails from the 2008-2009 In The Game Heroes and Prospects Series set and was originally the Gold Version /10. So, I already wanted and needed it.

D&A then stamped the card and provided this description of why they did so:

"Available only at the In The Game Collecting in the USA Event at our Transit store location, back on Saturday, August 28th, 2010. You had to purchase a box of 2008/09 ITG Heroes & Prospects Hockey, open it up and get a special edition game used memorabilia card stamped 1/1 just for this event."

Quirky? Yes. Oddball? Definitely. But a cool pickup, nevertheless? Most certainly. It's the seventh Getz 1/1 (five printing plates - all Dominion, one Spring Expo card, and this latest get) to call my collection home.