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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Major Matt Kemp PC Pickup: 2005 Topps Chrome Update RC Refractor.

My Matt Kemp Collection has grown at a surprisingly brisk pace thus far in 2013, and it hasn't all been base cards and your average, run-of-the-mill inserts. Autos have been seemingly plentiful, and today I feature a must-have RC that has eluded me for years. eBay finally yielded one in my price range, and I couldn't be happier.

Boom. So refractor-y, so pretty. I truly love everything about this card, from a young Mattycakes to the Spring Training shot to his donning number 84 on the card. With the card being a refractor, Kemp seems to have an aura around him, which is pretty killer. So much blue....as it should be.

The horizontal back is a fantastic touch. Though it took forever for me to land this card, my excitement at finally being able to cross it off of my Want List hasn't waned a bit, and landing it for under a blaster is the sweet, sweet cherry on top. It's a simple card, but hey, simple is quite often better. It had been # 2 on my Most Wanted List, but no longer! Now, to track down his rookie Bowman autograph....


  1. Nice addition. Nothing wrong with simple Kemp cards. I just picked up a mini today when a seller accepted my very low offer. Always easier to buy cards when the player is slumping

  2. Look at that baby face! Nice pick up.

  3. Penguin- Gracias! Prices do tend to drop when a player isn't doing what he normally does.

    DB- Thanks! And I know! Weird to see Matty without a beard.