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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sandy Smiles, I Smile.

1959 Topps is a set with a beautiful design and a number of significant Dodgers within its confines. One such Dodger that needs no introduction is Sandy Koufax. I don't have a ton of vintage Koufax but when a card becomes available and can be had for a reasonable price, I can't help myself.

The above, as you have most likely already guessed, became available and didn't break the bank. It was once in a scrapbook and the cardboard on the upper right is peeled off. However, Sandy's beaming mug is unscathed and his name, as well the club's name, remain untouched. That's plenty good enough in my book.

The back with a bit of scrunched up penny sleeve. I love me some vintage Dodgers' goodness, even if I may have overpaid by a buck or two.


  1. FUBAR Koufax. $30-$40 gets you a really clean copy of this card on Ebay. BTW, your Russell Martin card is up there too for $69. Don't worry about the finders fee, I am scared it might be this card.

  2. I landed Sandy for significantly less that that. I'll take the extra cash saved over a clean copy most days of the week haha.

    And that Russ on eBay isn't the one I had won. Close though, but mine was 6/9 and that one is 5/9.

  3. I have a 64 Topps Strikeout Leaders with Koufax and Drysdale on it if you're interested. Its a really clean copy but has bad centering.

  4. I might have it, need to check. Centering, or lack thereof, wouldn't bother me one bit haha.

    Also, I e-mailed you.