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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two Rare Martin Pickups, If We Can Believe What Ken Griffey Jr. Says.

What better way to start off May than with a pair of sweet pickups featuring one of my favorites and a blog mainstay? There is no better way, I'd say. I snagged this duo for $7.10 delivered, added on a third card as trade bait, and paid two and a half bucks to ship the three pieces of cardboard my way.

First up, a SP on-card autograph from a tremendous old-school set. 2008 Goudey is a fantastic set and I can't recall ever seeing this card before winning this auction. It is LITERALLY perfect. It goes oh so well with the green back mini parallel /88 that I featured back in my 1000th post extravaganza. I would love to own a million of these beauts. One down....

The second addition is a sweet parallel of a card that already calls my Russ PC home. From 2005 Bowman Sterling comes this awesome auto/relic refractor, #'d 128/199. The scan would imply it's a blue parallel but it is not; I do love that it appears to be though, and the scan is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.


  1. Pulling my first Goudey auto a few days ago, I like the simplicity of them. Nothing on the front of the card giving any indication it's an auto card - no lighter signing area or anything. Looks like any other card in the set until you see the back.

  2. Your inbox, is literally filled with Russel Martins.

  3. Jeff- Agreed. Simple is often better.

    Roy- Literally, it is.