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Thursday, July 11, 2013

My UCLA Education Won Me These Sweeeeet Hall of Fame Autos!

I recently won a College World Series contest over at Autographed Cards. Zach asked us to pick winners of each round and an eventual champion. As you might expect, I went with my Alma mater of UCLA. And they won! It's the first CWS Title in school history and it netted me some phenomenal winnings.

My prize was quite fantastic. First up, a beautiful 8x10 signed by future Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez. Ivan is one of the greatest backstops of all-time, so picking up his signature is pretty awesome.

Next up, another John Hancock of a future member of Cooperstown, also on an 8x10. John Smoltz is one of my favorite non-Dodgers' hurlers. Which might shock some Braves' fans. :o

That was all I expected to receive, and it would have been plenty. Zach, however, went above and beyond and included a couple of Dodgers' goodies. The first is the above fantastic 8x10 signed by former Dodger Robin Ventura. So, so cool.

The final extra is this Jon Link IP autograph. Could a certain Jon Link SuperCollector one day find this in their mailbox? I wouldn't bet against it.

Thanks for the contest and the fantastic prize Zach, I appreciate it!