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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Topps Talk: 2013 Allen & Ginter Box Lids and WAR At Its Finest.

A couple pieces of news from Topps that caught my attention. First, Topps will be including WAR on the back of 2013 Topps Finest. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. They'll be going with bWAR (Baseball Reference's version), and while I use fWAR myself (via FanGraph's) WAR is better than no WAR.

Second, as everybody surely knows by now, it was discovered yesterday that Topps hid Glossy 1/1s in 2013 Allen & Ginter box lids. It's been estimated that roughly one in every 100 box lids will house one of these ultra-rare cards, and one in every 5 trash cans probably will as well.


Finally, if you're a fan of Magic, MTG Madness has you covered on Shahar Shenhar, the 2013 World Champion.


  1. $10 says a Puig 1/1 is sitting in a dumpster in Southern Florida. Probably a feral boa constrictor nest by now.

  2. Ah Topps... love that they're adding extra value to their boxes. But it would have been nice had they told people about it.

  3. Jeff- It's good for absolutely everything!

    Roy- Oh, I'm sure it is. Sadly....

    Fuji- Agreed. It's cool in theory that it was such a secret that nobody knew, but bad in practice.

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