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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A 2013 Allen & Ginter Jason Dufner Auto, Sent To Me Contest Free By Topps

I will occasionally enter into cardboard-related contests on Twitter (you can follow me here). Usually it just involves a RT and following the contest holder, which I'm already doing. A while back I Re-Tweeted a contest Tweet from Topps and thought nothing more of it, unsure of whether I had even done so in time to be entered.

It turns out I had, and was made aware of that fact after seeing a Tweet by Topps announcing I had won the contest. My prize? The sweet Jason Dufner on-card auto from 2013 Allen & Ginter you see above. Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship. Ginter autos are really cool and I don't have many in my collection, so winning one made it even sweeter. It's available for the right offer considering it fits into a PC other than mine better than it would in my collection.

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