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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Card Show Recap: 1933 Goudey, Vintage Galore, Cheap Hits, Trade Bait, Set Help, and Kate Upton.

I attended a card show this past Saturday in my Las Vegas 51s' jersey. The show was put on by the same people who ran the first show I attended back in May. I was hoping to find some nice PC additions, some nice bait, and some awesome vintage. I met up with Oscar during the show, and you can find his recap here.


Purchase: 1933 Goudey Ray Benge RC - $8

This was my second-to-last purchase. I hadn't spent much at this point and didn't expect to find anything at this table of mostly high-priced vintage. I noticed a stack of '33 Goudeys and hoped I might find one of the four remaining cards I need to complete the Brooklyn Dodgers' team set. I thankfully struck gold in the form of Ray Benge. It was marked as $10, and I was hoping to nab it for 8. I offered 7, the dealer countered with 8, and we had ourselves an easy deal.

Purchase: 1961 Bell Brand Walt Alston & 12 Non-Sports Vintage Cards - $10

I've now made a large and enjoyable purchase of non-sports vintage from the same dealer at both shows. Patrick has a lot of cool stuff to pick through, and he gave me a great deal on top of letting me know about the Bell Brand Dodgers he had. He mentioned that he had me in mind when he brought them, which is just awesome. One of the Michigans is ticketed for our resident Michigan collector, if he wants it.

Purchase: Lot of 7 Hits - $10

Here's where things get interesting. This was the last table I hit up, and it was as the remaining dealers began to take their stuff down and close. The guy was nice enough to let me pick through his one and two dollar boxes and mentioned someone had earlier found a Johnny Bench auto in the two buck box. I didn't expect to find anything, but after randomly picking out a handful of cards, I hit the jackpot in that same box of two dollar cardboard: a Peyton Manning #'d autograph.

I wanted to make sure he saw where I had pulled the card from, and when I finally got his attention, he took it and showed another dealer the mistake the guy who put his boxes together had made. I did not get said autograph for two dollars, and he didn't even give me a price.

Was he obligated to sell it to me for $2? No, but should he have considering the mistake was his, not mine, and the box is advertised as $2 per card? Probably, especially considering someone had found the Bench auto earlier and you'd think he would take the time to search it for other misplaced cards.

He evidently was appreciative, as he thanked me later and gave me the above seven hits for ten bucks when they would have been $20.

Purchase: Matrix and UCLA Basketball Pickups - $3

The first table I landed at when I arrived belonged to a dealer who was at the first show. I made a much smaller purchase from him this time around but was just as pleased with my additions.

Purchase: Ginter Set Needs, Kershaw, Kate Upton, and Dick Pole Leading To A Rusty Kuntz - $2

I WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO KNOCK OFF A COUPLE OF GINTER SET NEEDS. I was pleasantly surprised at that outcome when the Rios and Miggy were found. Both Kershaws are new additions to my Kid K PC, bringing me just shy of 200 unique Clayton cards.

The Dick Pole card was directly in front of the Rusty Kuntz RC, and for a quarter each, I wasn't leaving them behind.

Oscar also brought some cards for me, so a big thanks to him for that!


  1. Beauty '33! Btw not sure if you were aware or not, but your girl Kate is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month.

  2. Dave has a little typo - he meant to say MY girl is on the cover on Vanity Fair. She is also the cover of the 2014 SI Swimsuit calendar.

  3. I would never organize my cards where a Dick Pole is next to Rusty Kuntz. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  4. Nice purchases buddy! Glad the guy hooked you up after not selling you the Manning for $2.

  5. Awesome pickups, Greg! It was really nice that my son and I got to meet you at the show. Hopefully we'll see you again at the next Culver City show (if not before). Go Dodgers!

  6. Thanks gents!

    Dave- I was not. To Google I go! And daaaaaam. Thanks for the tip!

    Jeff- If by MY you mean mine, then yes.

    PTR- Haha, for 50 cents I do!

    Fuji- Thanks, it was a nice gesture but damn I wanted that Manning.

    Andy- Pleasure meeting you guys as well! I'll definitely be at the next show, whenever it is.