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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My First Chris Anderson Hits: State Pride

I was unaware that Dodgers' 2013 first-round pick Chris Anderson had certified autographs until I saw them over at Dodgers Blue Heaven. I immediately went to eBay and found some reasonably-priced gems I wanted to add to my collection.

First up, the Green parallel of Anderson's State Pride signatures. It's on-card and numbered 10/10. It was had for a song, and I'm stoked to add it to my collection.

I also landed the Blue parallel for roughly the same price. It's numbered 03/15 and hails from the same set, meaning it is also of the on-card variety.

The numbering on each card is in the upper left. The back has a fantastic U.S. Flag design and is extremely well done by the folks at Leaf. Anderson had a very good debut campaign in pro ball, posting a 2.66 FIP and whiffing 9.78/9 IP in Low-A.

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