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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One of The Rarest and Coolest Ryan Getzlaf Rookie Cards Is Finally Mine!

2004-2005 SP Authentic Hockey features what is, to my knowledge, Ryan Getzlaf's true rookie card (his XRC, if you will). For under $15 shipped it's a card I'm exceptionally happy to finally own. It's easily one of my most cherished Getzys.

This hard-to-get beaut is numbered 043/399 and though it has a fairly large print-run it's been extremely difficult to track down and even harder to find at a reasonable price. According to D&A these Rookie Redemptions expired back in 2008, so it's likely not all of the pre-Captain Getzs that were produced made it onto the market, and it's possible less than 399 were actually created.


  1. And you know that it's mostly mint, being already graded. Nice grab.

    I think it's probably safe to say that all 399 were made, how many were redeemed and sent out is another matter.

  2. Oh and a comment on your Getzlaf collection...Damnnnnnnnnnnnn

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