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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Young Canadian Stars: Expo Only, Getzy

Living in California, I don't have the opportunity to attend any of the great hockey card expos which take place every year in Canada. It is my goal to one day attend one of these gatherings. Until then, I turn to eBay to track down Expo-related releases of Ryan Getzlaf. My latest pickup hails from the 2007 Canadian Spring Expo and UD's 2007 Priority Signings "Young Stars" set.

Numbered 01/40, it came my way for just over $13 delivered. There's some chipping and a pretty bad ding on the bottom of the card -- dead-center, no less -- that I didn't notice when I bought it. Even though that ding annoys my OCD to no end, I'm still very happy to finally have this bad boy in my Captain Getz PC.


  1. Nice grab. How many of Captain Getz is that now?

  2. Thanks!

    64 if I'm not mistaken, plus 3 doubles.