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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Russ Martin 2013 Ginter 1/1 Blank Back.

I added my first hit of Russell Martin as a Pittsburgh Pirate to my SuperCollection of the All-Star catcher. As with every card of Russ a great photo is present, and kudos to Topps for putting out another fantastic product in '13 Ginter and another phenomenal piece of Martin cardboard. I present the money-grab that is Russ' 2013 Allen & Ginter 1/1 Blank Back card direct from the monopoly itself.

It's my second Martin 1/1 Blank Back and my 14th overall 1/1 of the former Blue Crew backstop. As with all other Blank Backs purchased directly from the Topps Vault, it came with the standard Certificate of Authenticity beyond the fact that the card is encased and has the 1/1 hologram sticker on the back.