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Friday, January 31, 2014

So A Mighty Duck and A Red Wing Skate Into A Bar....

For under 15 bucks delivered I added a sweet dual relic pairing Ryan Getzlaf with former Red Wings' winger Brett Hull from 2005-2006 In The Game Heroes & Prospects. The back of the card states it's a redemption card, so I guess these were never packed out, which is kind of cool. It's hand-numbered 12/20, which is ever cooler and something I had not previously seen in an ITG release.

Though Getzy is pictured in his AHL Portland Pirates' sweater, the two-color swatch of his featured on the card comes from one of his Anaheim Mighty Ducks' sweaters. I really like the title of the subset -- He Shoots, He Scores -- and the addition of an elite goal-scorer like Hull to compliment a great passer like Getz works quite well. The card scanned in terribly but it is really quite nice in-hand.


  1. Sorry I don't have anything better to say but.. Nice!

  2. The Ghost of Pat CarnbackFebruary 1, 2014 at 9:25 AM

    He's a Flame in the picture, not a Red Wing. Hull was also a Coyote at the time this card was made and ITG uses swatches of red from the 90s Blues uniforms on their cards.

  3. The back of the card states it's a Wings' swatch.