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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Heroic Matt Kemp Rainbow + A Delightful Duke and DeWitt.

My favorite eBay seller came through again by listing a ton of Blue Crew pieces for great prices. I was able to take advantage of the free shipping offered and nabbed four new additions to my collection, including three amazing Matt Kemp pickups.

First up, a sweet Red parallel auto-relic #'d 07/50. This goes quite well with the Navy Blue /10 parallel I already have. Although red is only present on the numbers on the front of a Dodgers' uniform, it works really well on the card.

Next up, we move to the straight John Hancock portion of this post with a Beige parallel signature /25 (17/25 for my copy). I happen to be colorblind, so as much as I like '08 UD Heroes, it isn't exactly the easiest set for me to deal with.

The final Kemp is this gorgeous Blue autograph parallel, numbered 030/100. Blue is always a phenomenal choice for Dodgers' cardboard, and this is one card I'm extremely happy to add to the collection. I've built up a nice mini-rainbow of Bison cards from '08 Heroes, which I wasn't sure I'd be able to do.

Finally, a fantastic dual autograph -- numbered 31/50 -- featuring The Duke of Flatbush and Blake DeWitt. You can never have enough Snider autos, and I was a big DeWitt guy after seeing him play following his original call-up. I still feel like he never got a real chance after that 2008 debut, and I would love to see him re-signed to a minor league deal (he's currently a free agent).