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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Rare Find: 1974 Laughlin All-Star -- Al Rosen and Jackie Robinson.

My card knowledge is nothing compared to a lot of you fine folks. I didn't collect for much of my life, and what I did collect as a child was basically whatever was purchased for me by my family. I didn't get serious until 2010 or so, which makes 1974 Laughlin a set I had never heard of or seen. But oh, once I did become aware of it, I instantly fell in love. Its design is colorful and phenomenal; it depicts some all-time greats; and it's seemingly quite rare. That's a hard combination to beat.

Al Rosen! The newest addition to my Rosen Collection is one of the more unique cards I own of the Hebrew Hammer. It received an 8 grade from PSA, which matters little to me. Considering how rare this set is -- I had never seen it or even heard of it before stumbling upon this auction -- this is one of those occasions where I actually quite like the grading for cardboard safety purposes.

The card highlights Rosen's two homers and five RBI in the 1954 All-Star Game held in Cleveland. Al picked up a third hit in that game as well.

The seller offered a shipping discount, so naturally I looked to see what else he had available. I found a ton of PSA '74 Laughlins in his inventory, including one I couldn't pass up. Jackie! Graded a 6, it commemorates the 1949 All-Star Game -- played at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn -- which was the first to include black players.

Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe also participated in that ASG. Jackie scored three times in that game, as the card alludes to. Seriously, that's such a tremendous rendering of 42. I must see it again and again.

Here's the back of the Rosen. That Comic Sans-like font is spectacular and really works well for the atmosphere the set creates and the time period (1970s) it was released in. It would certainly get the approval of Dan Gilbert.


  1. Those are awesome. I've never seen em before until this post. Congrats.

  2. Great looking cards. That Jackie is awesome!

  3. I wonder who has that rare card? I thinks its an expensive one.

  4. Without a doubt, no argument, jackie is the BEST,GREATEST and the only PERFECT baseball player to ever play. nice find!