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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Sweet and Legendary Matt Kemp Auto + A Russell Martin Ginter EXT Mini

Here's yet another mailday from the guy that has quickly become my favorite eBay seller. Both cards fit fantastically into my main collecting interest and were pieces I had been after for a while.

First up, an outstanding on-card John Hancock of The Bison, numbered 101/125. It comes from the Future Legends Signatures subset of 2009 UD SP Legendary Cuts and is a most welcome Mattycakes' pickup.

The second card I was able to land is my first EXT Mini from Allen & Ginter, and there's nobody better to represent that first than Russell Martin. It's number 375 in the 2007 A&G offering, and the scan is not deceiving you. The card is way crooked and miscut, but that means little to me other than annoying my inherent OCD.

Here's the back, with the numbering under Russell's name instead of above it. Just a quirk of '07 A&G, to go along with a different color for the back. Whether that's true for all extended minis from all years, I do not know.

And finally, here is Russ' regular version in '07 Ginter, via COMC.


  1. That is a looking Kemp. On card makes everything look so much nicer.

  2. Wow, do the awesome Kemp auto cards never stop :-) grats !

  3. That's an impressive Kemp card ! Nice job-

  4. Thanks guys!

    Matthew- On-card is where it's at man.

    Dutch- Thankfully, they haven't for a while!

    Doon- Nap! Gonna miss you bud!