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Monday, March 17, 2014

Give Me ALL The Getzlafs.

I picked up a phenomenal lot of three Ryan Getzlaf patches on eBay (from three auctions) a while back from a seller with a penchant for listing fantastic cards of the Anaheim Ducks' Captain. Each card ran me roughly half a blaster and all three are excellent new additions to my Getzy Collection.

First, an early hit of The Captain out of 2005-2006 In The Game Heroes and Prospects Series 2. This two-color sweater piece that features some nice stitching is part of the nameplate off of Getz's back. It was taken from the sweater Ryan donned in the 2003 CHL Top Prospects game and is the Silver Version /20.

The second hit also features a piece of a Getzy sweater from 2003, except this time it comes from the sweater he wore in the 2003 Home Hardware CHL/NHL Top Prospects contest. The card itself hails from 2009-2010 ITG Heroes and Prospects and is the Jumbo Number Black parallel, which is limited to just 6 copies. It has tons of stitching and three brilliant and very #MERICA colors.

The final piece of the lot, numbered 09/15, features two separate and distinct patch pieces for a total of three unique colors. It comes out of 2010-2011 Upper Deck Artifacts and, though I wish the relic windows were bigger, I really like the character both sweater swatches possess.


  1. Yeah when it comes to swatches, ITG is the king. Best area for price value in the industry. Regardless that is an awesome hat-trick of Getzlafs. Great score.

  2. Those are sharp looking cards. Congrats on the pick ups!