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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1954 The Lone Ranger Comic Book: Feat. The Hebrew Hammer, Al Rosen.

I'm not a huge comic book guy. I had some growing up but I quickly moved away from that realm of collecting and entertainment as I got older. However, if the back cover of a comic book from 1954 is going to feature one of my main collecting interests -- and the price is a paltry $7.77 delivered -- I can't say no to picking it up and adding a unique piece to my collection.

Say hello to Issue 73 from Volume 1 of The Lone Ranger, released in July of 1954. The cover art is just fantastic and the color has held up exceptionally well. Just the simple fact that it's a beautiful comic from the mid-1950s and is in very good shape would have made it a great pickup, especially for the price I landed it at.

Here's the real prize, however, and it's not comic book-related in the least. My main man, Al "The Hebrew Hammer" Rosen, graces the back cover in an advertisement for Wheaties. Al is teaching some young lad the in-and-outs of one's swing in hitting a baseball and the importance of Wheaties in becoming a stronger athlete.