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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ryan Getzlaf UD Black: Silver Auto-Quad Relic /25 + The Anaheim Ducks, Playoffs, and Beards, Oh My!

I was recently able to acquire a Ryan Getzlaf hit I've long been after. I've come close before but could never seal the deal until one of my favorite eBay sellers listed the below. I was able to secure it for the very appropriate winning bid of $15.15 delivered and I'm thrilled to finally have my hands on it.

Numbered 02/25, it's a silver on-card auto/quad relic of The Captain. The sweater windows spell out "AD15" and I'm very happy to have landed a copy that features three distinct colors for the relics. The card hails from 2008-2009 Upper Deck Black Hockey and serves as the 73rd Getzy John Hancock to enter my collection. There is a decently-sized ding in the upper right corner, but I can live with it.

The Ducks kick off the playoffs tonight against the Dallas Stars. I'll soon be clean-shaven for the first time in over a year and a half as I prepare to grow my playoff beard. It's going to feel weird sans-beard. Is anybody else shaving off a beard?


  1. no need to--my Leafs fell to the ground

  2. Love the UD Black cards but they are pretty susceptible to damage. But that sir, is a beautiful sig and nice looking card. Congrats.