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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Updates, Apologies, and Giving The Post Office ALL of My Money.

I owe some of you e-mails and scans. I've owed some of you those for some time. Apologies. I intend on getting to that, and I should be able to this week as I have a couple of days off I usually don't find myself with.

I also want to let Douglas and Jeroen know that their packages shipped out last Monday. I can ship from my work, but not internationally (unless I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the one international option we have, which, no.)

I greatly appreciated the trade packages you guys sent my way, and I didn't have the time to make it to the post office until last week. And yes, there was some hesitation because I hate going to the post office. I hope the cards will make up for the lagging on my end.

Also, holy god international shipping blows. The guy working at the P.O. tried to convince me it costs people living overseas just as much to send a bubble mailer to the States as it cost me to mail out the packages I sent to Canada and The Netherlands. However, having received packages from those places, I can safely say the guy was either ignorant, bad at his job, or just plain lying to my face.


  1. So I should start looking for that Mantle rookie this week, then?

  2. Got your package this morning and looking forward to opening it tonight, thanks a bunch !! Shipping is pretty annoying, shipping the same package from the netherlands to you guys is around 8 usd (5,55 euro) so a little cheaper i noticed, sorry about the shipping but note that i appreciate the bubble mailer a lot !!

  3. Your package arrived today as well. Shipping a package that size stateside is a little cheaper, usually about $5.00-$7.00 CDN.

    I'll see if I can pick up a Ducks hit or two at the Expo.

  4. Jeff- It may just be arriving with a Honus as well.

    Dutch- Glad to hear they arrived safely! No worries on the shipping, I don't mind shelling out dough when it's for a trade that nets me sweet cards like the ones you sent my way.

    Douglas- As always, I appreciate you keeping me in mind!

  5. I love everything about trading with fellow bloggers and giving/receiving cardboard care packages... with the HUGE exception of dealing with the post office and their sometimes insane customer service/shipping rates.