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Friday, May 23, 2014

"I Didn't Invent The Turtleneck Lana, But I Was The First To Recognize Its Potential As a Tactical Garment!"

"The tactical turtleneck Lana....the tactleneck!" The tactleneck is the theme of today's 1/1 original sketch card out of 2014 Cryptozoic Archer. This was part of the three-card "lot" I snagged from the same seller that I've already touched on; this sketch ran me roughly $11 delivered. Prepare yourself for some great shadow-work and contrasting colors.

This sweet sketch comes from Joe Hogan. Archer's got some sort of puzzled yet stoic look to him, and of course, Hogan made sure to depict him wearing his tactleneck. Or perhaps it's actually his slightly darker black turtleneck.

Archer and his love of turtlenecks is one of my favorite "pops up every now and then" gags on the show, and there's even an "Archer's Slightly Darker Black Tactleneck" Fabricated Wardrobe Relic I hope to one day acquire.


  1. That card is straight from the Danger Zone. Super sweet.

  2. jacob....jacob....JAAAAACOOOOOBBBB!