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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spending All Day at a Card Show!

I'll be on my way in a couple of hours to a card show in Gardena. It's the same show I attended twice last year, except it's been moved out of my hometown for whatever reason.

I know a few fellow bloggers will be in attendance, including Dodger Penguin, DodgerBobble, and Casey from The House of Oglethorpe. Austin will also be there, and Ernest from Dodgers Blue Heaven may make an appearance.

If you'll be there, find me and say hello. I'll be in a blue shirt that reads "The Bison" across the front.


  1. Sadly, I'm on duty this weekend at work so I can't make it. Not happy about it, either.

  2. Great time.
    thank you again for the trade and finally meeting you.
    will post about trade/show.
    So.... jackie?

  3. I was hoping to hit this show this time around but I had to drive up to central CA today for a wedding

  4. Good times. Wish my kid slept longer. Thanks for giving me first dibs on the Pee Wee. Put it in a 4 screw holder and it looks great!

  5. Casey- That's too bad. There will likely be another show in October. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up then!

    Penguin- Indeed! A pleasure meeting you as well dude!

    Adam- October!

    Austin- No problem man! Glad the Reese went to a Dodger fan!