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Monday, June 16, 2014

Archer Autos: Woodhouse and Bucky

While I adore the 1/1 sketch cards from 2014 Cryptozoic Archer, I'm looking to complete a master set, so I continue to track down the other elements to that master set. There are 15 autographs to chase, and I recently added a pair of reasonably priced signatures to my collection (now four deep).

First up is Woodhouse, Archer's personal butler. Voiced by George Coe, this baby was had for the low sum of $5.37 delivered. Waiting for the prices to drop on the lower-end signers paid off, literally, as there are still listings for the Coe signature in the $20+ range and it was selling in auctions for double-digits over the last few months. Coe was an original cast member of SNL; voiced an Autobot in Transformers: Dark of The Moon; was in an episode of Wilfred; and even has a sports connection as he had a small role in the first The Mighty Ducks movie.

The second pickup is James Hong's John Hancock. Hong lends his voice to Bucky the Pirate in two-thirds of the spectacular Heart of Archness Trilogy. Hong has a prolific acting resume, with notable roles in Big Trouble in Little China; Blade Runner; Chinatown and The Two Jakes; Black Widow; Balls of Fury; and The Big Bang Theory. Hong ran me 99 cents plus three dollars to have it shipped my way.

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