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Friday, June 27, 2014

I Don't Know What I Did To Deserve These Anaheim Ducks' Goodies But Hey, I'll Most Certainly Take 'Em.

Doug from Sportscards From The Dollar Store sent along a care package. It was filled with goodies. What I did to deserve such cardboard kindness, I have no idea. I owe him when we next officially trade.

First up, a sweet Emerson Etem Rookie Fabrics patch (check out the bottom of the relic window for the all-important stitching) out of Upper Deck SP Game Used. It's numbered 20/35.

A sweet Sami Vatanen Rookie Relic popped out of the bubbler next. It's my first hit of any kind featuring the offensive-minded Finnish d-man, and I love the red background on the card.

It's rare that a Ryan Getzlaf hit doesn't get top billing, let alone is the last piece to be showcased, but Douglas and I had similar thoughts when he snatched up this Captain Getzy. I found it at a card show of my own, but I will always be happy to own a Getzy hit regardless of whether I already have it or not. The Red Totally Certified Getzlaf is /100, by the by.

Thanks for the awesome and completely unnecessary cards Doug! You're far too kind, and I look forward to our upcoming trade! I will have my day of sending you awesome cardboard to avenge myself! Or something like that.

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