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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Now THIS Is How You Do A Sketch Card: Seduction, A Dolphin Puppet, Bear Claws.

Have you ever immediately fallen in love with a card? I think it happens to all of us numerous times throughout our cardboard collecting lives, and my latest 1/1 sketch card out of 2014 Cryptozoic Archer is another example in the long line of cards that I saw and knew I would be acquiring, no matter the price. The moment I saw sexy and seductive Pam Poovey complete with her HR mediation dolphin puppet and a bear claw, the money jumped out of my wallet and started dancing away.

This 1/1 piece of gorgeousness was crafted by Ben "1314" Hansen. He's unique in that he doesn't sign his sketches at all, but instead makes them his own by putting a box in the bottom left corner. It took me a while to figure out he was the artist. His work is really, really quite aesthetically-pleasing. I landed it for much less than I anticipated at the time, and it's one of my absolute favorite Archer sketches.

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