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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trade With Bob Walk the Plank: Konerko and Lopes Autos Highlight Stack of Cardboard Goodness

I completed my second trade with Matt from Bob Walk the Plank. Matt sent these cards along as a complete surprise at the end of March, but I wanted to wait and post them once I had accumulated some stuff to send back his way. Matt once again outdid himself, and hopefully what heads his way will be to his liking.

My second Paul Konerko auto, and both are on-card and picture him in his Blue Crew uniform. This is definitely my favorite of the two as the more important parts of his jersey are visible.

Hey, it's my first Davey Lopes signature! Or Dave Lopes, as he and Topps went with. I'm not a fan of the Archives set but I do like the autos from it. I am still in need of Davey's signature on my Great Infield 8x10 project.

Ugh, what a terrible scan. It's my first Paul Lo Duca relic (I think) and it commemorates his 6-6 game on May 28th of 2001. Lo Duca actually follows me on Twitter and once responded to me, which is pretty cool.

Next up, a pair of new Kemps and a pair of new Kershaws.

Finally, randomness in the form of a Kevin Brown relic; a Shawn Green Dodgers/D-Backs swatch that will end up with Alex, as he'll appreciate it more than I will; a Duke Snider /100; and Snider and Jackie Gypsy Queen base cards.

Thanks for another great swap Matt!


  1. I very much do! I have yours packed up and ready to go, just need to find some time to mail 'em out.

    And feel better dude!

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