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Friday, July 18, 2014

2010 Allen & Ginter Mini Auto: Matt Kemp, Sans The Gorgeous Frame.

I came across a seller on eBay advertising Allen & Ginter mini autographs. It was quickly apparent that the seller was selling the framed autos which had been removed from their framed homes. I was intrigued, as I love Ginter and love on-card autographs. Add in that mini signatures are quite excellent and all that was left was to determine if the price was fair.

Well, as the above scan indicates, I felt it was fair enough to give it a go. I already have the Kemp in its original and phenomenal frame -- nothing beats the 2010 A&G frames -- but on an impulse and a whim I decided to plunk down the opening bid. Stressful days will do that to you.

The bid held and I will consider this a unique addition to my Kemp PC because I'll simply pretend Topps produced it without a frame but didn't short-print it as they would accordingly do if it were really a RIP mini auto or something similar.

1 comment:

  1. You can always pick up a junk relic, remove it from the frame and insert the Kemp auto...