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Monday, July 14, 2014

2012 Allen & Ginter Auto: Matt Kemp.

Another day, another affordable Matthew Ryan Kemp John Hancock that was had on the cheap and for far, far less than it would have sold for had I purchased it back when it was released (2012). It was found as a redemption in packs of 2012 Allen & Ginter and would have probably run me $25 or more way back when. But in late May of 2014 -- no longer as a redemption, but instead a real-life auto -- $13.49 shipped was all it cost me to add my latest Mattycakes to the ever-expanding PC.

I absolutely love the portrait-style photograph Topps selected for The Bison, and the black-border for these '12 A&G autographs has a very classy feel to it. Kemp's short signature works really well in the confined spaces that come with the Ginter autograph territory, and though it took a couple of years for these to be fulfilled and redeemed, it was well worth the wait. That is especially true since I was able to purchase the card after it went live.

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. You have been picking up quite a few Kemp autos for nice prices. As a Giants fan, I am obviously not a huge Kemp fan but it is cool that you have been able to add so many nice cards at reasonable prices to your collection.

  2. Thanks Adam! It has definitely been nice to find so many affordable items and not shell out an arm and a leg as I had to for some time.