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Monday, July 21, 2014

From Russia With Love.

I came across another eBay seller parting with a slew of 2014 Cryptozoic Archer 1/1 Sketch cards and couldn't help myself. I was able to add another four cards to my collection, and today's post will feature one of those new pickups: Mike Legan's 3-some creation of Katya Kazanova.

Katya is Archer's main love interest aside from Lana. A former KGB spy who saves him during a mission to Russia, she's killed on the night they are to be married by robot Barry, who is after Sterling. She's then turned into a robot herself by Krieger.

Above are the two-thirds of the 3-some sketch variation I have posted on. Krieger and Katya will soon be joined by a third member to complete this lovely subset. That line you see on the Katya sketch? I damn sure wasn't going to put these on my scanner unprotected, and unfortunately it just looked plain awkward if they were in their respective penny sleeves, so on top of them they went.

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