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Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Hack Wilson RC Completes My 1933 Goudey Brooklyn Dodgers' Team Set.

I've had this beaut in my possession for months and months. I bought it last year, if I recall correctly. It is without a doubt one of the premier cards in my collection and one I didn't think I'd own for a very, very long time. However, a perfectly-conditioned copy and some eBay Bucks allowed me to make a vital purchase, and one I'm still thrilled with. Without further adieu, the final nail in the 1933 Goudey coffin.

This gorgeous Hack Wilson '33 Goudey RC was not actually the final Brooklyn Dodgers' card from this team set that I picked up, but it was obviously going to be the last one to get posted because of its significance and cost. eBay came through big time and was the largest source of these babes, although my local that specializes in vintage and a card show also contributed dearly.

The back is clean beyond the two decent creases which are really the only thing wrong with this card (some mild paper loss as well). It has retained its color, there are no chunks missing, and the corners are solid considering this piece of cardboard has been floating around for 81 years. The creases weren't enough to keep me away, especially when I had eBay Bucks to put to great use. The card ran me under two blasters and the free money allowed me to shell out a mere blaster and a half for this beauty. Here are the 13 Dodgers' cards in '33 Goudey.

Lafayette Thompson, No. 13

Watson Clark, No. 17

Bud Clancy, No. 32

Lefty O'Doul, No. 58

Owen Carroll, No. 72

Jack Quinn, No. 78

Tony Cuccinello, No. 99

Val Picinich, No. 118

Ray Benge, No. 141

Glenn Wright, No. 143

Jake Flowers, No. 151

Joe Judge, No. 155

Hack Wilson, No. 211

Perhaps my favorite thing about Hack's RC -- and there are lots of things I adore about it -- is that it appears as though he has the tiniest legs to go along with a large upper body and a deformed neck. Oh, and hot damn....every ballplayer should wear their pants rolled up to the knees.


  1. Congrats! I am so envious! That's a great looking set

  2. Great looking cards Greg...one of these days I'll get myself one of these...

  3. Very cool. I was happy that I had one of them.

  4. Thanks gents! It feels amazing to finally have this one in the books!