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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adam Scott Relic: Parks and Recreation.

Another much-needed Parks and Recreation pickup to showcase today as I was able to land the Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt relic below for the low sum of just $5 delivered with free shipping. I was the sole bidder but had to wait out the 7 or 9-day auction. I fully expected to be outbid but thankfully that did not occur.

Numbered 88/99, it's another gold parallel relic, and this one has some real character to it, as there's a fat seam running through the shirt piece worn by Adam Scott. My Master Set plans for Parks is quite simple: I don't discriminate between a relic that's numbered or even between the two variations a couple of characters have. One of each from the checklist is good enough for my P&R collection. I now need just the Rob Lowe single relic to complete the single swatch subset.


  1. Ron Swanson has acquired a substantial amount of gold.

    Or has he?

  2. Gorgeous patch. As a collector and a parks and rec fan, I was ecstatic when Press Pass nailed this set on the head. Topps should take note.

  3. Yeah, hopefully there will be a follow-up from Press Pass at some point.