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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Panini Prime: Emerson Etem Prime Rookies Quad Holo Silver Auto /50

I told myself I would work on adding to my Emerson Etem PC as the hockey season neared, and today's post will feature one card towards that goal. Numbered 07/50 -- the Holo Silver parallel -- I landed this beaut for $6.49 shipped. It features two sweater swatches and two beautiful and multi-colored patch pieces, as well as an on-card John Hancock. Emerson even inscribed his number 65.

The seller took two weeks to ship it after I paid, and he never responded to my inquiry about its status. I messaged him again after receiving the card and asked for my shipping money back. He failed to respond for a second time, so I left him neutral feedback (I wanted to go negative but held off). It's not something I often do, but I feel it is more than warranted in this situation.


  1. 4 relic windows? Check. 4 jersey colors? Check. Phenomenal card with an on-board auto? Double check.

    Great pick up.

    The Ebay seller feedback is at times a brutal wrestling match, given the "ethics" of an Ebay transition. I give so many sellers positive feedback when many of them shouldn't be allowed to sell based on crap descriptions (if at all, with the trend being, "you get the card pictured...blah, blah, blah...check my hi-res scans...blah, blah, blah."

    But, I think we all fear negative feedback as retaliation if we give negative feedback for those deserving of the notch to their Ebay stars.

    But I don't think about this all that much. ; )

  2. Thanks dudes!

    Zach- Yeah, I debated whether or not to do it because he might retaliate, but I'm confident eBay would have my side, especially since I contacted him a couple of times before leaving the feedback.