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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You Fox-Eared Asshole! Babou in The Most Beautiful Sketch Card Ever.

There are those times you know you're going to come out victorious when purchasing something auction-style, price be damned. That semi-recently occurred when the below beauty popped its sketchy head out on eBay. The moment I saw it I knew I absolutely had to own it, or my collection would have a hole in it forever more. The newest addition to my Cryptozoic Archer PC is the second most expensive 1/1 sketch card I've purchased but the dough was well, well worth it. Say hello to Babou the Ocelot.

This baby takes a rightful spot, without question, in the Sketch Card Hall of Fame, along with a couple of my other Archer 1/1 sketches. I didn't even bother to scan this in myself, as the seller's scan perfectly captures the stunningly GORGEOUS artistic ability that went into Richard Brady's marvelous creation. I'm actually surprised this was packed out when the product went live, as these upper-echelon sketches usually end up as Artist's Proofs.

The sketch is from the final scene in The Limited as Archer and Cheryl's pet Ocelot, Babou, sit in the back of a Canadian police car. Archer screams "You fox-eared asshole!" to close out the episode, hence the title of the post. The art and color and angelic look on Babou's face as Archer loses his mind....I still can't get over how truly magnificent it is.