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Monday, October 6, 2014

2011-2012 Panini Dominion Quads Yellow Plate: Getzlaf and The Ducks.

With Panini going out of the licensed hockey business -- unfortunately, although I do like Upper Deck's releases -- they loaded up National Treasures with a ton of cards they held back for what I imagine were customer replacement situations. With NT hitting the shelves and these cards finding their way onto the secondary market, a wave of Ryan Getzlaf printing plates have washed ashore online.

One such plate I was quite excited to see was card # 1 from the Quads portion of '11-'12 Dominion as it features my main man Ryan Getzlaf as well as Anaheim Ducks' teammates Corey Perry, Jonas Hiller, and Devante Smith-Pelly.

This Yellow 1/1 Plate is my third plate from the second year of Dominion (I have two of Getz's solo plates) and makes for a very fine addition to my Captain Getzy Collection. It ran me a mere $12.81 delivered and serves as my seventh printing plate of Getz, all of which have come out of Panini's high-end Dominion.

4 for the price of 1....you just can't beat that.


  1. That is a slab of awesome. Congrats on one of the more stellar Ducks printing plates I've ever seen. Maybe the best.

    I can only hope for another popping up sometime.

  2. Thanks man! The black one popped up as well and I missed out on it, but I think it has since been re-listed.