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Monday, December 1, 2014

2012-2013 Panini Dominion: Ryan Getzlaf Auto-3 Color Patch (15/25!)

I'm not a fan of eBay 1/1s for the obvious reason but I do very much enjoy picking up a serial-numbered card of one of my guys that includes his uniform number. I'm especially fond of such pickups when the price isn't inflated due to said uniform number being present. This Ryan Getzlaf card perfectly represents that belief.

Numbered a cool 15/25 (wooooo!) this beautiful auto-patch features plenty of stitching and 3 colors. It was plucked from eBay for a great price and hails from '12-'13 Panini Dominion. Hard-signed John Hancocks are always welcome additions in my Getzy PC, and the fact that this gorgeous hit comes from my all-time favorite hockey release is simply the sweet, sweet icing on the cardboard cake.

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