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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Little Lisa Simpson Auto!

It took me far too long but I was finally able to acquire a card from the 2001 Inkworks' release of The Simpsons Mania!, a fantastic set featuring autographs of the voice actors and actresses from one of the greatest shows ever. I talked a bit about Mania! and the Anniversary Celebration releases a few months ago and have been on the lookout for signatures from both sets since. I knew they were not going to be cheap but was prepared to pay.

This notch on the proverbial Simpsons' belt ran me $20 shipped, a relative bargain. Yeardley Smith, of course, provides the voice for Lisa. Both Simpsons sets feature on-card John Hancocks and wonderful designs. Unfortunately prices are always high if not astronomical and demand far outweighs supply. It doesn't help that Inkworks went out of business years ago.

The backs on the Mania! cards feature a generic Simpsons character with mouth ajar and the major characters voiced by the actor or actress within the mouth. As Smith's only major character is Lisa, hers is the only name listed.


  1. I always liked the Simpsons autographs, I would love to add some to my collection eventually.