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Monday, December 8, 2014

I Have A Virtual Girlfriend

Posts lauding one of my favorite releases of all-time -- Cryptozoic's 2014 Archer -- have dwindled to almost non-existent over the last few months. It's not due to a waning of interest on my part but rather can be chalked up to a few factors. First, I've almost completed the Master Set, needing just two of the Totally Fabricated relics. Second, boxes have all but dried up, particularly those that are not full retail price. Third and perhaps most important, eBay has provided little to gobble up.

I did say little, it should be noted, because every once and a while something awesome peeks its head out and I'm able to land it. Such was the case months ago when one of the artists, Dan Gorman, listed his Artist's Proofs auction-style. I liked quite a few but had my eye on one sketch above the rest. I was dead-set on winning it no matter the price and thankfully that price ended up being just $20 delivered, a steal if there ever was one.

I'm a Krieger fanatic and this sketch of the Doctor and his Virtual Girlfriend had me at hello (from the episode A Debt of Honor). Gorman's a fantastic artist and even has a sports and Los Angeles Dodgers connection, having contributed 1/1 sketches to a Leaf release, including this great Koufax piece.

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