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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2011-2012 Ryan Getzlaf Panini Dominion Auto-Patch #'d /60!

On-card autograph? Check. A low print-run? Check. A gorgeous three-color sweater piece with two colors of stitching? Check. A great design from the best hockey product ever? Check. A brand new addition to my ever-growing Ryan Getzlaf PC? Check and mate.

I don't recall how much this beaut -- numbered 45/60 -- ran me, but in all likelihood it clocked in at under a blaster. Getzy is wearing a visor, which is always such a cool added bonus and something you don't often see with his cardboard.


  1. Let me correct myself for a dumb mistake...it's from 2011-2012!

  2. That's a huge pile of 45/60 sickness, right there!

    Fenomenal phreaking card, dude!